Regal Bag Studios

Nestled on the picturesque western bank of the Hudson River, Regal Bag Studios forms an integral part of Newburgh's vibrant creative landscape. Housed in the iconic Regal Bag Building, a testament to Newburgh's rich industrial past, we provide a platform for artistic innovation and exploration.  We proudly host a diverse community of passionate individuals. Artists, small businesses, and entrepreneurs alike find their place within our walls, harnessing the building's rich legacy to fuel their unique ventures.

At Regal Bag Studios, we offer a variety of unique studio spaces, ranging from intimate 200 square foot areas, perfect for individual artists, to expansive 1,300 square foot spaces that can accommodate larger projects or collective works. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to custom build studio spaces, tailoring the environment to meet your specific creative needs.


Beyond the allure of our historic building and waterfront views, our location boasts practical conveniences. We are a stone's throw away from key transportation links: a mile from the Beacon Ferry, just 10 minutes to Metro North, and a mere 2 miles from Route 84, providing easy access to the NYS Thruway. Plus, a variety of restaurants lie within a one-mile radius, perfect for grabbing a quick bite or winding down after a day's work. At Regal Bag Studios, we combine the charm of history, the inspiration of nature, and the convenience of modern amenities, creating an ideal environment to inspire your artistic journey.

The building's storied history traces back to the early 20th century, where it began life as a cotton mill. It later served as the home of the Regal Bag Corporation, a company known for its fashionable handbags in the mid-20th century. Today, it has been thoughtfully repurposed into a creative hub, continuing the legacy of craftsmanship and artistry associated with this landmark site.

Studio Space for Rent

Imagine your creativity unleashed in this stunning waterfront studio! An inspiring space where the tranquility of the Hudson River merges with abundant natural light, this is more than just a studio - it's the launchpad for your artistic journey.


Secure Parking


With our safe, off-street parking, both you and your guests can visit with peace of mind. We ensure that your focus remains on creativity, not on finding parking.

Designed with Artists and Other Innovative Thinkers and Entrepreneurs in Mind 


With great natural light, affordable rates, and a creatively stimulating atmosphere, it's everything an artist could dream of.

Business Meets Creativity


Regal Bag Studios is an ideal fit for any creative business, be it photography or graphic design. Immerse yourself in an environment where business success and artistic creativity intertwine.

Community Canvas


Our shared common area isn't just a space; it's a nexus for creativity. Collaborate with fellow artists, display your work, and foster a sense of artistic community..

Affordable Creativity


We believe in supporting your creative pursuits without breaking the bank. Your lease includes heat, hot water, trash removal, and high-speed Wi-Fi, letting you focus on your art while saving money.

Smooth Transitions


Whether moving in or managing bulky items temporarily, our loading dock and freight elevator ensure a hassle-free process. We've got the infrastructure to make your artistic journey smooth.

Lofty Ambitions


Our 13-foot high ceilings aren't just tall, they're a gateway to artistic possibilities. Perfect for photographic lighting setups or any artistic endeavor where a sense of space is integral.

Always Online


Stay constantly connected with our high-speed Wi-Fi. Never miss an important personal or business interaction and keep your creative flow uninterrupted.

Inspiration on the Waterfront


Bask in the spectacular views from our waterfront studios. The Hudson River's grandeur provides a beautiful backdrop for your work, continually inspiring you to create.

Regal Bag Studios


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